Delivery Policies

1. Deadlines.  Advertiser will provide Publisher all applicable Ads by Publisher's standard deadline (as designated by Publisher), in a format suitable for display in the Newspaper(s) or on the applicable Digital Property(ies), as applicable, via a transmission method mutually agreed upon by the parties. Advertiser shall have the right to change any Ads(s) after submission, provided that it submits any such changes to Publisher no later than Publisher's standard deadline (as designated by Publisher). Advertiser shall pay all expenses connected with the delivery of the Ad(s) to Publisher. Changes to any Ads after first publication may result in additional charges, which will be disclosed to Advertiser in advance.

2. Submission of Advertising Materials.  Unless otherwise agreed to by the parties in writing, Advertiser will provide all creative services and necessary text, data, images, illustrations or graphics and/or other materials with respect to the Ads(s). Advertiser will submit the Ad(s) in accordance with the applicable Publisher policies in effect from time to time, including policies regarding artwork specifications, format and submission deadlines.