Frequently Asked Questions*

Can we choose amongst the platforms. i.e can we run our campaign only on one platform of our choice?

Yes you can. However we advise you to run your campaign across platforms and devices in week one, so that we can switch the budgets basis of the performance & ROIs delivered via the respective platforms.

Shall We get access to reporting console? Will it be updated on a real-time basis?

Yes, you shall have access to a reporting console. The reports shall be updated basis of the frequency of updates via the respective platforms & as such, there may be some time lag in the same. We shall however try & keep it to the minimum.

What are the details we shall get via the reporting console?

The console can be customized to include updates as per your requirements. As per default settings, the data visible on the console includes platform wise impression, clicks, spends & conversion (if conversion pixel is implemented), device wise split (mobile, desktop) across platforms, top publishers across platforms & campaign summary. This can be downloaded in excel or shared via an advertiser access of required.

Who shall have access to the reporting console?

We can create multiple accesses (upto 4 per account) with one being the master access & the others being restricted to certain campaigns as specified.

What’s the buy type? Can we buy on performance metrics like CPL?

The buy type is primarily CPC at this stage, We can however take soft goals on metrics like visits, bounce rates, leads etc, provided such goals are specified upfront & regular reports (GA or others) are shared with us on a regular basis to optimize the campaigns to the goals shared.

Is there a minimum budget required to kick start a campaign?

Not really. We do however advise a minimum spend of USD 10k though, to get a true picture of performance across a 3-4 week period. It would be really difficult to split a lower budget amongst multiple platforms.

Will the CPC be uniform across platforms & devices?

Yes. We shall share an average CPC across platforms, basis of the targeting parameters & other goals shared. We shall optimise your campaign across platforms for the desired CPC & goals so that you do not have to worry about fluctuating CPC.

What are the targeting options currently available?

At present, we can target your campaign basis of the device (mobile, desktop or tablet), geography (country, state), day part, platforms & positive / negative publisher site lists.

Can we create an audience pool for our campaigns?

Yes we can create an ongoing audience pool for your campaigns & use this data to include / exclude selected audiences for your future campaigns. Please do note that CPC for retargeting / remarketing shall be higher than standard CPC.

Will we have to share ad copies with One Native Ads or can we get some support in writing ad copies? What would be the additional cost for the same?

Your account managers can help with ad copies & share the same for your approval. This service shall be at no additional cost.

Is video as an option available, via Native?

Yes. Video formats are available in OneNative. Please click here for detailed video ad formats..

What are the specs for native ads & any guidelines / best practices one needs to follow?

Please click here for detailed specs & material requirements / best practices.

Is a self serve option available?

Yes. Self serve option is available.

What are the payment terms?

Depending on your credit history with us or your past credit records available with 3rd party monitoring agencies, we shall work either on prepayment or a Net 30 credit terms.

Which currency is preferred for payments?

We accept payments only in USD and INR as of now. The preferred currency shall be specified in your platform agreement & billing shall be done accordingly. Please do note that all payments shall be subject to Indian taxation laws including service tax, with-holding tax, equalisation levy & any such applicable tax as per laws. Only relevant taxes shall be applicable, basis of the country your organization is registered in. All applicable tax treaties shall be considered, subject to sharing of relevant documents. Details can be shared as an when required.

*FAQs are merely informative in nature & should not be taken as terms & conditions for your relationship with One Native Advertising Private Ltd. The terms & conditions governing your account shall be specified in the platform agreement signed with One Native Advertising Pvt Ltd. One Native Advertising Pvt Ltd reserves the right to change, replace or modify any of the above details without prior intimation.